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We love food and friends and therefore we need to create the ultimate tool to combine the best of both worlds. dumpster chef is an adventurous journey and your chance to make new friends and the world a better place by opposing the throw-away society.

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What is dumpster chef?


dumpster chef is a smart tool for helping you to find a dumpster dive place close to your location and needs. Just ask for Spaghetti and the dumpster bot will answer. Always available, as a smartphone app, you are only one click away from nice food and great people.

Furthermore dumpster chef matches you with people that have similar interests and dinner style (the dumpster recommender). After diving together, you can use recipes and preparation tips for the perfect dinner with your new friends.

The service will also notify you if a window for diving opens close to your current location. The service also includes a new match making concept. You only deserve the best.

Share your happiness!


Environmentally Friendly

We only have one world. If we continue living that way we will need three worlds.

Share food

If we have the possibility to improve people's life, then we should do it without thinking too much about it.

Cook and eat together

Dumpster diving and cooking is a good way to unite people!

Have fun

It is nice to know someone with whom you can forget the seriousness of life with a lot of fun.


The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) reports on approximately 1.3 billion tonnes of food, which gets dumped worldwide every year. A big part of this amount (about 157,000 tonnes) gets contributed by Austria. This means that every third edible food gets threw away. Vienna throws away an amount of bread which could Graz use for supply all inhabitants.

An exceeded expiration date does not mean automatically, that the product is inedible. Also the quality is not affected, even though fruits and vegetables are bruised.

In the USA dumpster diving was invented in 1990. In metropolises like New York the communities are expanding continuously by guiding a “container tour” to introduce newbies to the concept of dumpster diving.

According to the legal situation in Austria (and in many other countries) dumpster diving is still a grey area. Garbage in a container does not belong to anyone. If the private estate or the container is locked, then you commit trespassing, which is a criminal act. It is essential to understand the legal situation in the current country.

The number of supermarkets which tolerate dumpster diving are getting bigger and bigger and therefore set an example.

There already exist initiatives which pay attention to utilization of food out of the garbage bin, for example wastecooking from the film-maker and activist David Groß (

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